A Person A World

The Power Every Person has to Make or Break

Far Beyond The Best…


Beyond the Best Relationships is loneliness ,

Beyond the Best Moments is yearning ,

Beyond the Best achievement is struggle,

Beyond the Best moments of Solitude is boredom.

lady with flowers

Having experienced the Best – There isn’t much to moan, there isn’t much to feel pained about not experiencing, there isn’t much to wishing it any different, but there is still that loss of joy, heaviness in heart, dampening of spirit.

The moments that bring pure heavenly joy, who doesn’t know that they are never here to stay – forever, they appear unfold their joyful mysteries linger on for a while, sometimes a little longer but then they still do just have to go away and there is still life to be lived in – Far beyond the Best.














Between The First And The Last

In the scheme of things while most of the times, most memorably cherished are the firsts,  the most valued are the lasts.

First love, First kiss, First cry….

Last Vacation, Last Meet, Last breath……..

In between are written the tales of hope, of despair, of need, of help.

I am fine she said, when she called after a good 25 years, she clearly sounded like she needed help, yet still made it seem as she has got it all under control.

He instinctively understood all what he had to do, could do, and he did. She lives to just thank him for pitching in.

He had miraculously caught the moment of extremes blending in the whirlwind  of chaos and hopelessness, he could feel and see clearly the coming of first and the last together.

He had figured out, he was – The First Option of The Last Resort.


With that I learned, when somebody reaches out, it’s often very difficult to tell, so whenever in doubt it’s always better to Just Help.

Three Wishes ✉ And A Company 웃

We all know celebrities who are loved by thousands, who have earned in millions, who can enjoy best of both worlds, have always expressed that the best time and the best party they ever enjoyed or wish to enjoy is with a handful of friends and family.

Today I am wearing a Tiara ♛, the spot lights on me ☼, as it will be for each one, some day or the other in a year ⌚.

bw17Slogging a life away just for worldly comfort and riches wasn’t in the big plan anyways, still here I am feeling so rich, so blessed, and quite happy I must say, having just two wishes ✉ in my inbox and a company 웃 to seal the day as a happy memory.

bw18Sometimes, Somethings are just given, but we don’t see them for what they are.

I am reminded of a short story, more a conversation between and rich man and a fisherman.

My thoughts this morning are much on similar lines, though I claim the originality of my thoughts, I share the feel with many others who have probably been there and felt it, so only are there the folklore’s and stories.

We read a lot many things, we learn a lot many things, many – a very few times 🙂 we actually understand. Many a very few times we actually deduce. This is one of those very few times 🙂

Three Best Well wishers, Three Best Wishes, that’s all I have earned, that’s all I own so far, and it seems quite Enough Actually.


✿Stealing time off my retreat just to count a blessing✿ I finally Found my…..bw5after all the rains and at the end of the Rainbows ✿ 

PS: For those who need a quick recall here’s a link to the story found it on a very famous author’s blog 🙂


When Wishes Come True

When wishes come true, you revel in their glory for a while and then move on to other wishes that are waiting to be made that are waiting to be striven for, the journey goes on.

What do you do when you realize, you were given what wishes are made of, when a wish that you haven’t made comes true, when you find something that is even better than what you could ever wish for. What do you do ?

You might ask me, is that even possible, I will tell you – Yes it is, and it has happened. Then you’d say, I am lucky – that’s about it.

If I was just lucky to be given, then is it just that I am Lucky that I realize it too ?? 🙂

Is there magic in the Moment when wishes come true, or in the fact that ‘YOU’ ‘Realize’ they have.


PS : The Magic,The Moment, The Realization, The Gratitude, The Loss Of Words. My Dad is responsible for All of those.

Pain Glorified, Martyrs Honored

Always made me ponder, why is that all tragedies in ‘Love’ are epics, why is a ‘Struggle’ filled existence hailed, and why the one who has had nothing but ‘Adversities’ to suffer becomes our Hero. Why is pain glorified….

May be these were the thoughts that I entertained, when I didn’t understand why they made a big fuss about life. It after all was simple, ‘Life is What you Make it’, Party hard, have a lot of friends, have your head in cloud nine over humble victories, do no harm and no harm will come to you, Simple. Life was happening and I thought that was all there is to making of life. You get it right – I wasn’t a big advocate of strife and struggle.

As obvious as it is, nobody needs candle under the glaring rays of the sun, nobody lights a candle on the neon light filled stage.

We need Hope in a hopeless situation, We need Courage when there seems no way out, We need a ray of light to show us the way when we are stuck in a dark tunnel, that is just when we realize the power of a little light.That is when we look to others who’ve had hard times and how they dealt with it, we look up to those who have been there and managed to come out good or went down trying.

Took time for me to understand the little fact that – Pain dealt, overcome with patience,perseverance is glorified, Courage to the End is Honored.  Making of life is not just about the hurdles it’s about showing the way past the hurdles, that’s just how Adversity brings out the Hero in you.

When they Leave, it’s better to Let them Go.

They say you understand death only when it lays its hand on the one you love the most.

It’s like a hammer coming down heavily on the little crystal ball you begin to dwell in. The bonds of love,affection that surround us, that make us so strong, give us all the happiness,comforting us to a fault that it blinds us towards the fragility of the world that happens and we take permanent shelter in.

Some are still lucky they get the time to see it coming, some just are taken off guard.

Exposed,vulnerable,yearning and totally lost. Our first instinct is to rebuild, to gather up all the broken pieces – grab the memories, and start to patch the little shelter back up again. When you finally put it all together and decide to move in for good, you stand there alone feeling more lonely than ever, you look up and around you,there is no light shining through its crystal clear exterior like before, all you see and feel are the cracks and jagged edges that cut through your soul. It’s too late by the time you realize you don’t build crystal ball worlds alone, they happen where love abounds, what you build alone are cages,souls don’t belong in cages.


Let memories be the butterflies that they are meant to be, those that visit you as you keep busy tending the garden for flowers to bloom and there they come, there they stay for as long as they like. Let them be your companions in the garden of life, not a cage for your soul.

When the sun goes down, you turn to WORDS for company, if so Write about them, not TO them. When you write to the one that is gone, you are pining for their existence and about their non-existence,but when you write about them, You are celebrating their existence you were lucky to witness.

When they leave, it’s better to let them go, for if they can sense from the world far beyond, then let them sense the beauty joy they added while they could, not the pain that they are not responsible for and cannot help. Attempt not to build bridges of pain that probably connects but neither can cross, Be kind to you, Be even kinder to them.


☹ Are☹Writers☹The☹Unhappy☹Lot ?

This is a first for me – Blogging.

Earlier I never quite understood the great idea behind – Blogging. From the days when the trend had just started to today, blogging has come a loooong looong loong way. What a surprise it is to me that, for a change, Something evolved for the  better. It makes me happy to be here.

Most of the blogs I came across, I have read about a lot of personal struggle, personal challenges, lot of unhappy events, mishaps, bad experiences, tragedies to name a few. There is another thing that I noticed, those very blogs over a period of time have evolved, blogs that may have got started  just as an outlet for personal grief are now go to pages for inspiration. This fact has taken me by a pleasant surprise.

To me the Blogsphere now stands for – The healing Power of writing, of Sharing, of expressing, of finding support, the healing power in the thought that ‘You are Not Alone’, not just for likes and follows and promotions. WoW !

Now to the question – Are writers really the Unhappy Lot….Well….Think of them as what you may…when they probably start to write that letter, that blog, that story, that article, but – I DARE YOU to ask them if they still are, when they sign off.✉

Those who are not there yet…I’d say keep going keep typing….and those who are signing off…

☛Would You NOT Agree with me☚ ?


Would you choose to hear ‘Love’ or Feel it……

Dad never had the time. He was always on the Go. It was either his clients or his social service engagements. Work day early mornings and Sundays he’d ensure all the house supplies are in place to ensure Mom’s house engineering is perfect smooth.

He was a one man show. Dad was always extending help for neighbors, relatives, friends in addition to his professional and personal obligations. Nothing or nobody ever got left out or any task delayed.

He was a great conversationalist never at a short of words, he had a great understanding of poetry, literature, philosophy, anything you name it, but ask any of his kids if they ever recall a friendly meaningful one-to-one conversation with their Dad, ever they heard  “I love you my Son/daughter’ ?. The answer in Unison – Never.

Yet, he knew his kids like the back of his hand, he read them like open books, he knew all about their joys,pain and fears, he knew all about their confusions, fancies, aspirations, capabilities, limitations. He shared their joy, soothed their pain,calmed their fears, he addressed their confusions, he guided them, he encouraged them, he made them feel loved. He instinctively was always there when ever they needed him. 😮 How 😮 ?

I get it now Dad, you were onto something, how else would we learn so well that : Words Alone Don’t Speak, Words alone don’t Communicate, Understanding is not Always at the mercy of Words.

You left out the Words, cause you were Sure of what you Can Do, what you can be, and vouch for it, I Will – in doing and being you spoke all about your deepest feelings,your fathomless love, your most profound thoughts, your compelling support. We may never have ‘HEARD’ love, by god Dad – We sure ‘FELT’ it.

It was not that you didn’t mean to have a meaningful conversation with us, You were too busy ♥ Redefining ♥ it.

What Makes them *Special*

The doctor declares it’s a baby girl.

Mom cries out of joy, she always wanted a baby girl. She wanted a baby girl who she can dress up pretty in frilly frocks with pretty bows.

Dad probably had no expectations or even if he did, nobody ever knew. Nonetheless it was Dad who came to rescue each time – baby girl disappointed her mom. All the times baby girl turned out to be a surprise poor mom couldn’t handle,Dad stood by baby girl instinctively knowing and unflinchingly believing in her, even in times when she seemed a total mess, standing her ground fiercely fighting her own childish battles against the norms, he had the wisdom to know – his nonjudgmental unconditional love,support and guidance was all that she needed to bloom,to grow and be happy. He never for once tried to make her fit, curb her flight of thoughts or freedom of expression,he never for once gave up on her, never let her go astray.

He probably knew deep down in his heart he was shaping a world for her like no other, He may have suffered on how many occasions god knows, just like baby girl’s mom did, wanting what they knew and believed was best for her, but this baby girl was to learn and acknowledge – even if Time,People,Luck were to betray her as it did/does on instances, she experienced a sheer Miracle in the unflinching faith, Unconditional Love,Support, Adoration she received from this Man who stood outside the labor room to receive the news when the doctor declared – It’s a ‘Baby Girl’.


PS:Shaping a probable misery into a sheer miracle is probably what Special people do…effortlessly.


What Makes People Stand Out

Life chooses its very Own heroes. Life hand picks its favorites not so much to bestow upon them her mercies, but for what they retain to offer back to life through the very trials and tribulations it ordains.

Here was a boy who didn’t have an easy life. His childhood was full of strife, he didn’t know what Father’s love was, his father had expired even before he was born. He grew up in an orthodox affluent joint family setup. I can’t even imagine what his childhood would have been like, but yes heard him say in his bouts of recalling the painful times, when he didn’t have the strength to hold it all when he couldn’t fight the urge not to speak about it, he used to say it was ‘Tough, very very tough’.

He was forced into a marriage of arrangements, but he had dreams. He wanted to study, he wanted to establish himself as a Lawyer, but his Business minded uncles would not hear of it. He walked out of his ancestral home,business. His Mother supported him, she left along with him, penniless. He strove hard with help of his friends and teachers who guided him, established himself as a successful lawyer.He was such a Confident Man and his confidence always saw him through.

Later he married my mother and that’s when I come into the picture.

First Memory I have of him is that – He gave his children all that he missed out on in his childhood. He perfected the art of being an exceptional father.

I know and have seen – People give what they have got from this world, how they were treated by others around them. Bitter experiences turn people into bitter human beings. Their excuse being  ‘The World has wronged them’.

This one person I was blessed to know had all reasons to be bitter and selfish, but he was exactly the opposite.

He broke one chain of bitterness that could probably be passed down for generations to come, his sons today emulate him perfecting the art of fatherhood.

This is what makes people ‘Stand Out’. They give back to life even more than what they ever got.

He is a hero who stands out…When a bitter world, and being wronged doesn’t become an excuse for not attempting to make the ‘World a better Place’,and as they say it all starts at ‘Home’.

Super Heroes